• Developer
    Motion Twin (based in France)
  • Release date
    Early Access in 2024
  • Platforms (Early Access)
    PC (Steam)
  • Players
    Single player and Online co-op (up to 3 players)
  • Available languages (Early Access)
    English, Simplified chinese


Wake up warriors! This is Windblown, a lightning-fast action roguelike crafted by Motion Twin, the creators of Dead Cells.

You innocent souls have lived peacefully in The Ark, a floating village orbiting around the gigantic and deadly Vortex. However, don't let that calm existence fool you; your cozy little island is about to get devoured...

Countless warriors, the Leapers, have met their end fighting dreadful emissaries of the Vortex; now it’s your turn to save your kind, or turn into cannon fodder trying...

What awaits you in Windblown

Lightning-fast action, like never before

Windblown brings a whole new level of speed to the action rogue-like genre. Like a bolt of lightning, freely dash through vast, ever-changing islands in the sky where each run is teeming with secrets to uncover. Find your rhythm in relentless battles against the Vortex's Sentinels, hell-bent on taking you down. Brace yourself and face oppressive bosses who just can't wait to chew you up and spit you out.

Unlock the deadliest weapons

Leapers absorb the memories of the fallen warriors who came before, learning how to master the fighting styles of their predecessors to unleash their full potential. Swap between multiple weapons and adapt to every situation by shifting your build on the fly. As you unlock more memories, you will be able to collect stronger and more complex weapons that will turn you into the ultimate killing machine.

Death is a lesson

The Vortex will push your skills to their limit. Windblown's combat is tough but always fair. Advance carefully though; a mis-timed dash could send you right into the deadly swing of a Sentinel’s blade. Learn from your countless deaths, memorize enemy movements and come back stronger. If you can't handle it on your own, you can always seek help from fellow Leapers in online co-op to even the odds.

Help us make Windblown better

Your feedback is invaluable to us at Motion Twin. Just as you helped us shape Dead Cells during its Early Access period, we would like to gather your thoughts to help make Windblown as great as it can possibly be. Wishlist Windblown now and be the first to know when Early Access is available.

Now, go and prove yourselves, Leapers. The world of Windblown awaits, and we can't wait to watch you try over and over and over. Leap into a lightning-fast adventure through the sky and get ready for a colorful death... Dismissed!





About Motion Twin

Motion Twin is an indie workers cooperative game studio based in France.

We've been raging at the machines since 2001 and we'll be doing so for as long as people keep smashing into our games. Our latest game, Dead Cells, has brought joy and tears to 10M+ players around the world.